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Do you outsource the wash and fold laundry?  Many companies outsource the laundry process or even allow their contractors to do the laundry at their homes!  We never outsource the laundry.  Laundry is done by our laundry specialists right at our facility, and to your satisfaction.  We own the entire process end to end.

What temperature are my clothes washed on?  We wash all non-whites in cold water.  Whites are separated out and washed hot with bleach.  We can override these settings at your direction.

How do you dry the clothes?  We always dry items on low heat to avoid shrinkage and ensure your clothes are handled with care.  High heat is used for towels and sheets.

Is your dry cleaning really “green”?  Yes!  We never use “perc” and always use environmentally friendly processes.  Dry cleaning is cleaned using sustainable processes and pressed so you are looking good!

What is “pristine fold”?  We fold items using professional folding techniques and tools to deliver “pristine” and flawless looking clothes.  All items are separated by size and delivered back to you so all you have to do is put them away – no sorting and fits neatly in your drawers. 

What if I am missing an item?  Notify us as soon as possible so we can review our overstock.  Wash and fold services are not itemized but are weighed in, so we cannot account for each individual item that was sent.   Laundry is re-weighed at the end of the processes to validate it is the same as when it was checked in, for quality purposes.  Dry Cleaning is itemized and therefore we will have record of each item sent to us.  You are emailed the weight or itemization upon check in for confirmation.

How do I sign up for service?  Click on the “My Account” icon at the top right.  Complete the form and you will be ready to roll.  Choose recurring or one time service.

How do I update my service preferences?  You can login to your account by clicking the “My Account” icon at the upper right hand side of this site and update all service and billing preferences, or schedule a one-time pickup.

Can I select my own detergent and softeners?  Yes!  You can even select to provide your own.  All of this can be done in the “My Account” link at the top right hand side of this page.


How  do I pay?  When you create an account you’ll place your card on file.  We will bill the card weekly for your services.

When will I get my first pickup?  Our route runs in a geographical fashion across Atlanta.  We are in most regions each day, and your date will be confirmed shortly after you sign up.

Is my first service really free?  Customers who sign up for weekly pickup/delivery service get their first service free.  The service is billed after the first service and credited back on service number 2.  The only thing you’ll pay for is the bag ($9).

When will you arrive at my location?  Routes change daily and may differ in time of arrival.  We ask that you leave the laundry in a designated area and provide that information to us when you sign up.  We can also alert the driver to give you a call prior to arrival.

When will my items be returned?  Unless otherwise agreed to, we turnaround your items in 48 hours.

How do you ensure chain of custody?  We use barcode technology to track every package through each step of the process.  From the time a driver picks the items up to the time it is returned to you, a barcode is utilized throughout the process.  You’ll receive text and email notifications through each step of the process as well to ensure you are kept in the loop on where things stand.

What areas do you service?  North to Peachtree Corners, East to Snellville and South to downtown.

Where do you hang my dry cleaning or hanging items?  We provide a Pura Vida door hanger for you to place on your door.  Our driver will hang the items on your deliver day.

How do you separate the dry cleaning from the wash and fold or air dry items?  “There’s a bag for that”.  We have air dry, dry cleaning and regular wash and fold bags available for you.  We automatically send you a bag (based on your requested service) on your first service.  Additional bags can be sent upon request.

Do you charge for missed pickups?  There is a $15 fee if you do not cancel your pickup prior to our arrival.  You are notified via text and email the day prior that you are on schedule, simply respond to the text that you’d like to cancel if the pickup is not needed.

What text/emails should I expect for pickup & delivery?  You will receive a text reminding you of the pickup the day before, a text confirming the weight of the laundry or items for dry cleaning upon check-in at our location, a text confirming the date of delivery of your items.

What hours can I drop-off dry cleaning or laundry?  Our store is attended during the day but drop-off can occur anytime between 7 AM and 11 PM with our convenient locker system.  Just use the kiosk at the side of our lockers in the store and complete the information.  Don’t forget to sign up for a drop-off account using the “My Account” button at the upper right of the screen.  The kiosk will also send you a link via text to do the same.

When will my items be ready?  Drop-offs are complete within 1 business day for normal volumes.  You’ll be notified via text of it’s completion.  We can place the items in a locker for pickup if an account has been created with a card on file, and you’ll be notified that the items are ready for pickup and what locker they have been placed in.

How do you ensure chain of custody?  Items are barcoded upon check-in and you are notified of the barcode ID (Order number) via text/email.  All items are tracked through the process using barcode technology and using our proprietary software.

I need to talk to someone about an alteration or repair, when is a staff member on site?  COVID has presented some interesting challenges for us in this department but we are currently onsite from 9 AM to 3 PM each day, with plans to soon be onsite until 6 PM.

I have a delicate item that I need a quote for dry cleaning, what do I do?  Send us a picture of the items to and we’ll get you a quote turned around quickly!

Do you accept credit cards?  Yes, we accept credit cards on all machines in the facility.

What do you mean 10th wash free?  If you sign up for our loyalty program or use a credit card, our washers will automatically detect your 10th wash on the card and give it to you for free!  Loyalty pays.

When is the last wash?  10:00 PM

How does the store close if no one is onsite at 11:00 PM?  There is an automatic lock on the door.  If you leave the facility, you cannot get back in after 11:00 PM.

The machine took my money.  Please contact us at 404-458-1211 to discuss.

Do you have…

  • Air Conditioning?  Yep.
  • Bathrooms?  Yep – men and women.
  • Cool music?  Yep.
  • Tablet for kids to play?  Yep.
  • TVs?  Yep.
  • Large Machines?  Yep – up to 80 lb washers!
  • Low prices?  Lowest in Tucker.
  • Vending machines?  Snacks or soap.

If you have other suggestions we are always open to them! Email us at