Atlanta's Premier Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

Pura Vida is a family owned and operated laundromat and laundry service in Atlanta.  We are passionate about helping you or your business succeed.  We love making life easier!

We chose the name “Pura Vida” (a term popular in Costa Rica, meaning Pure Life) because we feel that life is so precious yet often too hectic.  When you’re chasing planes, meeting deadlines or raising a family, the laundry can pile up.  If any of that sounds familiar, we want to help.

Our goal is to help business owners and busy families get more time back in their day and enjoy life more.  If we are achieving this goal, it is a beautiful thing.  

We hope you’ll give Pura Vida a chance to help you “take a load off”.  Pura Vida!

We never miss the opportunity to serve our customers and we never sacrifice quality.